Fifteen days of work

It's been already our fifteenth day of work ;) Up to now, we made a lot of progress !

  • We add ubuntu one synchronisation
  • We created a dialog box which is running when the bookmarks are loaded, this dialog box show a progress bar
  • We find a way to resume the bookmark loading
  • We add our logo to the application
  • Favicon website are now added to the bookmarks
What we have to do next :
  • add a progress bar into the logo icon
  • share bookmark by email
  • create a configuration view
  • do the translation
  • add notifications
  • documentation
  • optional : make two servers communicates together to get bookmarks from another pc, every where

The last screenshot.

Day 10

After ten days of work, our application is almost finished.

  • We connected the social button to gwibber, and so the user can share his links
  • The search component is working
  • The user can now choose how to sort its bookmarks
  • We add a menu which allow the user choose between web browser for the bookmarks importation. By default, all web browsers are choosen.
  • We change toolbar button, again.
  • We finalized firefox parser, so now we are getting the good tags, and one tag for each folder
What we have to do next :
  • add our logo to the application
  • add a progress bar into the logo icon
  • add a progress bar on the application, when the bookmarks are loaded
  • share bookmark by email
  • create a configuration view
  • do the translation
  • add notifications
  • add favicon's websites
  • find a way to resume the bookmark loading
  • documentation
  • optional : make two servers communicates together to get bookmarks from another pc, every where

The last screenshot.

Day 8 - 9

We have done a lot of things this past two days !

  • We found a very good documentation website which help us to go further and faster.
  • We change a bit the interface, we decided to put the toolbar at the top of the window, to be more unity-like. We added a search box, and a box that contains all tags which are on bookmarks.
  • We can now see bookmarks' tags, we add those tags near each bookmarks. User can click on each tag to see all the bookmark with the same tag.
  • The script for website screenshot is finished, each picture that appear in the application is a screenshot of the website. Users can click on the picture to go the website.
  • We change the toolbar on each thumbnail, we decided to put button which can allow the user to share the url website through social networks and mail.
  • We have made our logo
What we have to do next :
  • Add actions on the social buttons
  • Finish the bookmark search
  • create a configuration view
  • do the translation
  • add notifications
  • add favicon's websites
  • optional : make two servers communicates together to get bookmarks from another pc, every where

The last screenshot.

Day 6 - 7

We are moving very slowly ... Perhaps this is due to fatigue or to the lack of documentation pyGTK ... ? But we go further anyway ^^

  • We have a big problem with pygtk / webkit = documentation. The functions are found for the C version and the translation of gtk in python is very long to find. And you how are you ? We can now take screenshot of websites' first page, we have done that by using Webkit, but we still have a problem, the webkit window must be displayed :'(... We are working on this...
  • Server side : we have implemented our second parser : chromium
  • The view, the client and the server communicates with the right path : View -> client (thread) - asyncore (TCP) -> server -> client -> view
  • We decided to not copy data from web browsers in a sqlite db, we prefer to work directly on the data even if you can not do everything (deletion, modification ...)
  • The logo is almost done: we have to rework to make it more recognizable
  • We have had a bug with one quickly command which make the build failed on launchpad, and we found the bug description on launchpad here, so we are not alone affected by this. After 1 hour of research I can't find where the file "debian/control" is generated. Or at least the first part because the second is in /usr/share/quickly/templates/ubuntu-application/internal/

Sreenshots will be avalaible soon

Day 5

Last night, we haven't make the day5 post, because we're so tired ! But we have make the job :

  • Fixing a mysterius problem : when we load bookmarks, the view resize them
  • Fixing big problem with asyncore.loop() and Gtk.main() : when we start the 2 loops in differents thread, Gtk take all resource and so asyncore can't read/write to I:O network. For fix that, we have make 1 single asyncore.loop(count=1), this thread is managed by gobject.idl_timeout. When the loop is finish, the Gtk.main() call new thread asyncore.loop(1)
  • First connect between View and Server (through FakeServer : no asynchronus for now, but with the fix of asyncor it's soon as...)
  • Website's screenshot show a new panel who can edit, delete and show more details on website
  • Creating website

Next :

  • Make our final logo
  • Save bookmarks collected from browsers in our sqlite base (for delete, modify, add meta-info...)
  • Save config in this sqlite ? (in reflexion)
  • This sqlite base must be share on ubuntu-one
  • Implements somes webbrowsers parsers and sorts
  • Create our python webkit script for make website screenshots
  • Compile a first version on launchpad with this solution

Lot of work for this week^^

Day 4

The weekend is over, and thanks to this free time, we've made a lot of things for ShowMyFaves app.

  • a new screenshot of our app is available here, we change the toolbar button, by making them more unity-like, by the way, they are not the definitives one. We also add some informations about the bookmarks below their picture. And we add a bin icon over the picture, we will allow the user to delete his bookmark.
  • Client/Server side : we changed the communication to add command's parameters, we had a function that return all the avalaible web browsers. We add the first sort function, which sorts bookmarks by they name, with an alphabetics order.

Problems encountred today :

  • We had some problems with the Quickly submitubuntu command. Launchpad can't build our application, so we ask a question in the ask ubuntu site.
  • We tried to connect the view with the client/server, but we had troubles with the Gtk.main() loop and the asyncore loop. We thread asyncore loop but as it is start in the Gtk initialization, asyncore could never be executed we tried to thread the gtk.main loop but we obtained some stranged results. So we are looking for some other options.
  • We found new solution about the former question that we ask (about taking screenshot of a website), and so we are going to use Webkit (without pyQt), to make our own class to take those screenshot.

Day 3

After this third day working on our application, we made a lot of progress :

  • we learn little by little how to use pyGtk and python
  • we started to make the user interface, you can see a screenshot here
  • we made the server and the client see a screenshot here
  • we add communication between server and client, we finally choose a TCP communication with asyncore
  • we started to make a parser to grab bookmarks from firefox
  • we made research about how to make a screenshot from a website, those researches make us ask a lot of questions about using pyGtk and pyQt in the same application, and about the rules contest : we want to know if we can use an open source class made by another person.
  • Thank you for replying to our question.
  • Let your comment about this interface.

Day 2

Hi everyone ! Until now, we have work almost 2 nights for our app. For now, we have done :

  • thinking about the differents fonctionnalities that we would to make
  • creating the UML model
  • creating some mockups, to have an idea of what it will look like
  • choosing a name for the app : ShowMyFaves
  • creating some logos and make a poll, so the community could help us to choose the better one
  • creating the dev environnement (to the french developpers, if you had some troubles with quickly and launchpad, go the bug tracker, we add a solution)
  • creating the ppa
  • make some research about : TCP Client/Server, how to manipulate a file, how to convert json to object
  • creating a twitter account
Don't be shy to leave your comments and ideas about this app ;)

Day 1

Night 1

  • Inscription
  • Ideas definitions
  • name found
  • first draft of logo and uml diagram image
  • first draft of mockups : image

Night 2

  • developement environnement installed : with a mysterious bug
  • workflow between us is working !
  • logo vote in progress : help us

App Submission

Hi developpers friends !
We are two french developpers with plenty of ideas ! For this contest, we are going to create a standalone bookmarks manager.

  • It will show all of your bookmarks in a different way
  • Any web browsers bookmarks will be accessed in the same place, this will be automaticly, without any file import
  • The bookmarks will be sort by a lot of criteria, thanks to a tags system
  • The application is based on client-server approch so you could add any other view
  • The application will be extendable so you could add easily any other web browser's bookmarks

We have many other ideas for this application, so wait to see it ;) A link to more information will be added next, in this thread.
Audrey and Romain

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